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FIG Working Week - Bridging the Gap Between Cultures
Marrakech, Morocco, May 18-22 2011

Views from the Palais des Congres de Marrakech:

Palais des Congres de Marrakech

Palais des Congres de Marrakech

The Presentation of "GEO ZEMIA" Ltd.

At the FIG WW in Marrakech "GEO ZEMIA" Ltd. presented a paper entitled
"Using of both fast Static and RTK Modes for GNSS Determinations to Obtain Required high Accuracy and Productivity,
According to the Current Possibilities of the IT"
Download the paper and presentation. Certificates of attendance and presentation:

Certificate of PresentationCertificate of Participation

Meetings and conversations with the official representatives:

Meeting with Mr. CheeHai Teo - FIG President

Meeting with Mr. Hilali Aziz - ONIGT President, Congress Director

Together with Mr. Hilali Aziz

At the exhibition desk of the hosts of the FIG Working Week in Abuja - 2013

Conversations with the representatives of HI-Target - manufacturer of GNSS equipment

Presenting of GNSS equipment from HI-Target


Meeting-conversation and discussion about geodetic GNSS equipment - produced by Leica

At the presentation at the technical tour - New City of Tamansourt

Presentation of Italy as host of the FIG WW 2012 - Rome

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