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Scientific and applied interests in the areas of:

Geodetic networks;

Processing, adjustment and analysis of the results from the geodetic measurements, using the contemporary technologies and special mathematical theory;


Assessment of the accuracy and condition of geodetic network - classical, created with GNSS (GPS and GLONASS) technology or combined;

Assessment of the overall quality of geodetic measurements, determinations and networks using the theory of Fuzzy Logic;

Applying Fuzzy Logic for assessment of the quality of the results from the classical geodetic measurements and satellite geodetic measurements;

Processing of large arrays of data, containing information for geodetic measurements;

Using the hyperellipsoid of errors for analysis of geodetic netowork;

Investigation of the Normal equations of the geodetic network;

Creation of algorithms for the processes, taking part in the adjustment and analysis of geodetic measurements.

Scientific-applied activity:

1. Participation with presentations (articles) in scientific conferences in Bulgaria and abroad;

2. Developed and defended scientific project entitled "Assessment of the Quality of Geodetic Networks Using Fuzzy Logic". For this research activity an algorithm and specialized software was developed. The scientific project is defended in Vienna, Austria;

3. Participation with a presentation in the XXIV FIG International Congress in Sydney, Australia. The publication is included in issue N 4, year 2010 of magazine "Geomedia";

4. Participation with a presentation, entitled "Assessing of the Overall Quality of GNSS Determinations, Using Specific Values of Parameters" in the Third International Conference on Cartography and GIS, June, 15-20, 2010 Nessebar, Bulgaria;

5. Participation with a presentation, entitled "Using of both fast Static and RTK Modes for GNSS Determinations to Obtain Required high Accuracy and Productivity, According to the Current Possibilities of the IT". FIG Working Week - Bridging the Gap Between Cultures, Marrakech, Morocco. May 18-22 2011;

6. Participation with a poster presentation, entitled "Applications of Online Satellite Imagery in Surveying and Assessing its Reliability Using GNSS Technology" in 25-th International Cartographic Conference, 3-8 July 2011 – Palais des Congres-Paris.The publication is included in issue N 5, year 2011 of magazine "Geomedia";

7. Participation with a presentation, entitled "Study on the Overall Quality of the Planned fast Static GNSS Measurements, if Certain Values of the Parameters are Applied in the System, Using Fuzzy Logic, 6-10 May 2012 - FIG Working Week 2012 - Knowing to manage the territory, protect the environment, evaluate the cultural heritage, Rome, Italy;

8. Participation with a presentation, entitled "Study of the Behaviour of the Rover and Assessment of the Overall Quality of the Results from RTK Measurements, Conducted in open-Field - Influenced by Active Disturber". INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON MODERN TECHNOLOGIES, EDUCATION AND PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE IN GEODESY AND RELATED FIELDS. ISBN 978-80-87159-29-3. Sofia, Bulgaria;

9. Participation with a presentation, entitled "Study of the Performance of a GNSS Equipment and Assessment of the Quality of the Results from the Geodetic Measurements in an open Field Environment with Active Disturber". International Jubilee Conference UACEG2012: Science & Practice, UNIVERSITY OF ARCHITECTURE, CIVIL ENGINEERING AND GEODESY, Sofia, Bulgaria;

10. Participation with a presentation, entitled "Applying of the Mobile Versions of Google Earth and AutoCAD for Field Control of a Specialized map of a Large Urban Garden." Technical session - TS03C - Positioning and Navigation - Today and Tomorrow. FIG Working Week 2013, Environment for Sustainability. Abuja, Nigeria, 6 – 10 May 2013. ISBN 978-87-92853-05-9. ISSN 2307-4086;

11. Some Solutions in the Creation, Measurements and Analysis (Using Classical and GNSS IT) for a Geodetic Network in Industrial Urban Environment. International Symposium on Modern Technologies, Education and Professional Practice in Geodesy and Related Fields. Sofia, 07 - 08 November 2013.

Keywords for research works and objects from the geodetic practice:

Geodesy, applied geodesy, GNSS, GPS, GLONASS, RTK, Real Time Kinematic, fast static measurements, 3D terrestrial laser scanning, adjustment, survey, geodetic networks, geodetic measurements, redundant measurements, least squares, normal equations, mathematical processing, Fuzzy Logic, quality, accuracy, constructing, analysis, condition, hyperellipsoid, co-variance matrix, weight matrix.


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