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FIG Working Week 2012

Knowing to manage the territory, protect the environment, evaluate the cultural heritage

Rome, Italy, 6-10 May 2012

The presentation of "GEO ZEMIA" Ltd.

At the FIG Working Week in Rome, Italy "GEO ZEMIA" Ltd. presented a paper, entitled:

"Study on the Overall Quality of the Planned fast Static GNSS Measurements, if Certain Values of the Parameters are Applied in the System, Using Fuzzy Logic"

Download the paper and the presentation.

Certificate of presentation

"Using of both fast Static and RTK Modes for GNSS Determinations to Obtain Required high Accuracy and Productivity, According to the Current Possibilities of the IT"

The report from the FIG Working Week 2012.

A foyer with the logo of the Working Week

A foyer with the logo of the Working Week

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